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Platform 2c was initially a weekly quirky eclectic soap opera which has now become an online drama in its own right. The story takes place connected to and around people who use and live near Platform 2c in the Yorkshire village of Milford. Platform 2c is unique in that its all produced in 3D. Our first episode went live Sunday August 28th 2011 and we have been producing P2C ever since. Our initial format was a mini episode of around 3 mins each week ten of which go to make up a series of around 25/30 mins total playing time which equates to around a standard TV soap opera episode. In January 2013 we changed the format to a feature length film drama format once every 8/9 months with weekly outtake updates of what was filmed on set finally ending with the complete finished item. The first of these Hollows Wood was finished in May 2013 and you can view it here https://vimeo.com/67068228 The second feature film Jail House dog 3D has recently been completed May 1st 2014 and you can view the 2D version below. The third feature film "Sisterhood of the Red Garter" 3D has just completed the planning stage with filming due to start end of June 2014.

"JAIL HOUSE DOG" (3D) 60 minute plus Feature Film  Jailhouse Dog
(2014) on IMDb

Lord Grant's half brother (Otto) the black sheep of the family gets his revenge by calling the CTAP (Cruelty to Animals Police) and claiming Lord Grant and various others close to him are being cruel to animals. Then CTAP a sinister animal rights organisation purporting to be kind to animals yet they destroy more than they save, manage to get all the dogs by some very devious means. Lord Grant manages to exert some pressure through friends in the legal system to get the animals back in the upcoming court case. Mean while Otto bribes a dodgy vet to have them all destroyed before that can happen.


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